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Toluna has been around and developing since 2005 when they were originally known as Test and Vote. Toluna is an online community with an interactive website which allows you to get your opinions heard and meet new friends.

You can complete Surveys, Polls and reviews with Toluna to let other members of the Toluna community know exactly what you think about various topics such as: how you like to spend your free time, what you believe in, where you shop, what you buy, the way the country is run, what you like to eat, what programmes you watch, favourite music, what you read and much more. Anything in fact because anyone can ask questions, create pools and share their opinion to others.

Toluna iPhone app

Toluna is unique because they give you the chance to participate in tests where you will be sent a product to try out. By writing a review on it you can earn even more.

Users of the iPhone can now access Toluna through the official app making it easier to take part in polls and give opinions wherever!

How long do Surveys take?

On average each paid survey will take between five to fifteen minutes. The time they will take to do depends on the complexity of questions and how many of them there are. Longer, more in-depth surveys will reward more points for your time. The amount of points offered is usually a pretty good indicator of how much time will be involved.

What are the rewards?

Toluna Paid Surveys

For completing surveys, polls and product reviews you will be rewarded with Points. Quick Polls on the Toluna site are worth 150 points, survey and product tests range from 3000 to 20,000. You will also be rewarded If you invite a friend to the Toluna Community you will rewarded with an additional 500 points.

By sharing your thoughts on new and old products and services you can be rewarded anywhere up to £20 just for answering questions.

Points can be exchanged for: Facebook Credit, Nintendo Points, vouchers for; HMV, Halford Debenhams, The First Club, Love2Shop, CD Wow and Amazon. As well as vouchers you can enter into a high technology draws or cash prize draws through the 'Reward Partners' part of the site.

How am I paid?

Points can be redeemed for High Street Vouchers, Online Vouchers, Credits and Prize Draw Entries.

Registration is completely free.

Can teenagers join?

Yes, Teens are welcome. There is no age restriction to join Toluna.

Contact information : Yes

Privacy policy : Yes

Available Countries : UK

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To what demographic and location does Toluna offer more? These factors contribute a lot to surveys delivered to its recipients.
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This particular panel is only available to people in the UK.
2nd July 2012
Great survey site!! :):) :) :) :) :)
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Joe Callister
Isle of Man
19th April 2012
its very nice as i get to test free products. (occasionally) but the rewards have been much better recently so lots more to redeem with my points.
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31st March 2012

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